Ecological pellets for heating and pet care from Lammi in Hämeenlinna

Jalmak Oy provides pellets made from wood and straw for heating and pet care for pet's litter, bedding and activity purposes. We also sell hay pellets as food for pets. The pellets are an egological and environmentally friendly choice.


We deliver pellets anywhere in Finland from our premises in Lammi, Hämeenlinna. Read more about the pellets’ properties and place an order.


We deliver pellets from the port of Riga in batches of 20 000 tons by ship to all the World.

Truck transport to Europe, 15 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg packaging



Coniferous pellets in 500kg bags 230€ (VAT 24% included). (Updated 23.6.2024)

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Organic and Additive-Free Products

Wood pellets are compressed from renewable wood, sawdust and chips that are by-products of the sawing and planing process. Hay and straw pellets are compressed from materials collected from fields. The pellets we sell are made without any additives by compressing the material at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. This process removes all possible harmful materials, bacteria, and moulds.

Pure, additive-free pellets are an organic product that is perfectly safe for people, animals, and the environment. Handling compact pellets is almost dust-free and both the delivery and storage tasks are easy and straightforward  – storing of the pellets requires very little space.

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Heating with Ecological Pellets

The wood pellets we sell are ideal for heating homes and other properties. The structure of the pellets makes them suitable for use in all kinds of automatically feeding devices, allowing continuous and appropriate operation. Ordering of larger quantities is also possible, in batches of several hundred kilograms.


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Organic Litter for Pets

Pellets are an excellent choice for pet care, for pet's bedding, litter, and activity purposes. We sell hay and straw pellets that are 100% ecological and are suitable as litter for birds, lizards, cats, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents.


The humidity of the pellet is about 12%. Thanks to the pellet’s high absorption capacity, pellets keep pet's bedding and litter dry thus efficiently reducing the level of bacteria and microorganisms. Pellets are a dustless, biodegradable, additive-free and pure organic product. The smallest package size for pet products is 0.5-2kg.


You may also place an order with continuous monthly deliveries! Get in touch to find out more or place an order by the order form.

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